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Default Cowon G7 "Full HD SuperSpeed PMP" - Cowon's new 7" PMP

Today, Cowon announced a new 7" PMP, the Cowon G7. (Product Page)

Just like the Korea-exclusive Cowon T5 "SuperSpeed Study Master", the Cowon G7 consists of not so "super speedy" hardware, namely the same combination of Cortex A8 CPU and 800 MHz VPU as the Cowon Z2 and T5 use, which is not that bad, but compared to today's smartphone and tablet hardware way behind.

However, considering the G7's awful screen resolution of 800x480 (on a 7" resistive touch screen! also, why do they call it "Full HD" with that resolution?), the hardware might be good enough. There's a microHDMI out jack available if you want to watch full HD videos on your TV.

The installed operating system is Windows CE 6.0 and the G7 doesn't have any kind of connectivity (no 3G, no WiFi, no bluetooth). Yes, it's a tablet without internet and apps.

At least the battery life is very good: Cowon specifies 60h of continuous music playback or 10h of continuous video playback. Since the G7's hardware is very poor, that's no surprise.

It will be available with 16gb, 32gb and 64gb of internal memory. There's a microSD slot available.

The official prices are:
- 16gb: 289 000 KRW = 273 USD / 205 EUR
- 32gb: 329 000 KRW = 311 USD / 233 EUR
- 64gb: 389 000 KRW = 367 USD / 276 EUR


Now available on Export Privé: http://www.exportprive.fr/fr/recherc...submit_search=

- 16gb: 306.53 USD / 239,53 EUR
- 32gb: 346.79 USD / 270,99 EUR
- 64gb: 410.84 USD / 321,04 EUR


My personal opinion?
What a freaking waste of money.


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