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Default HELP!!! repost, formatted D2 now its seriously messed up

ok so my D2 with D2+ FW has been running fine for ever, but i foolishly tried to format the D2 (windows 7) and totally messed it up windows repaired it though 9 i was messing around with it to try to format it to ntfs and max out the unit allocation size similar to what you would do to a USB thumb drive to increase transfer speeds, i installed the 3.10 firmware and now there is only a SYSTEM folder and no MUSIC, VIDEO etc... folders do i just create them on the root folder or what? and it seems to freeze at times its been awhile since i have messed with this thing and would like to get it back to working order.

some help would be much appreciated

thank you


so after some advice telling me to use Tcctool, i attempted to reflash to 2.59, so it seemed like i was on the right track but now when you turn it on it still says its at 3.10 and now the screen is un readable, just big blocks where it looks like text and the rest of the GUI should be, so after i have used tcctool the instructions tell me to unplug so do i have to wait a bit? dose it take several minutes to flash? i suspect that maybe i am jumping the gun and not giving it enough time to flash? as the instructions did not say either way... i just want HER back to factory specs so i can re-upgrade to D2+ FW
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I'm pretty sure you need to format it as FAT32 rather than NTFS.
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i would advise as before to use the File in Folder 0 from the D2 Firmware.That File is the Format File which formats the hidden partition within the D2's memory thus' making the D2's Memory it's OS (Firmware) blank. When this File is installed via Tcctool it temporarily allows the Device to be detected by your PC thus' allowing you to back up any Documents if needed. After backing up you should follow these steps

-Download Tcctool ('Save As' to C:\) where you see Program Files, Etc.
-Download Firmware 2.xx or 3.xx HERE
-Copy/paste the D2N.bin File from Folder 0 to the tcctool Folder
-Connect the D2 WHILE Holding the Menu Button to put it into Recovery Mode
-Open CMD and input cd tcctool then tcctool -d cowond2 d2n.bin ENTER. now Navigate to ROOT copy/paste the D2N.bin File from Folder 0 to the ROOT

-Reconnect D2 in Recovery Mode and re-do the same command

-WAIT! for Command to complete then Navigate to ROOT copy/paste the D2N.bin File from Folder 1 to ROOT then Disconnect and turn on D2. Firmware should install. now reconnect and copy/paste Files from Folder 2 and install them. All should be good
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