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Default Klaus Browser (aka Cube Browser 2)

Latest Lite version (1.52) go to Edit 28 / Latest Full version (1.33) go to Edit 27.

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (from Magaupload cause Mediafire is down for the moment)

* This version is a beta version
* Claw's Wallpaper UCI has used some of the scripts
* Dnw's Aero Ultimate UCI has used some of the design
* Cube's Cube Browser UCI seontaekba design was used in

* Bonmungeul not much I do not care, but feel free to read the form, write down questions before doing your thing is to read a little, please
* In the current pivot state action does not have many features
- Favorites, Bookmarks, jukebox, opsyeondeung
* Font Size feature in the current option does not work

1. Bottom of the menu functions
* Back to the top list to go to press and hold
* Delete Press "Are you sure?" In this state, a message will pop up again and press Delete the file / folder is deleted
Press * Jukebox Jukebox appears at the bottom of the window here, album art, title, artist and album will be displayed
- In addition to change the music selection mode, pressing the music doemyeonseo UCI music as though your browser does not cut within the music can seongokhal

* Option 2 will pop up screen to press
- Currently, Swipe Reverse, One Touch, File Extension, G-Sensor functionality can be set

2. Top of the menu functions
* General browser when you click Header ilttae state will go to parent folder
- Music & Video & Text Header ilttae press your browser's status as favorites, will switch to your browser bookmarks
* Header in a long list to go to press the top (in the browser ilbanoe apply)
* Close to the UCI in the previous
* Close the Main Press and hold to move to

3. Jukebox Features
* Drag the jukebox to change the track, press and hold the play / pause is
* Jukebox is turned on, when I go to UCI is not music in the music browser can seongokhal
* Seugu button when I turned on the jukebox functionality to play the music changes to suit

4. Wallpaper UCI
* You File Color, Folder Color, Bracket, Selecbar Color, Disable Bookmark will work to
- Selectbar Color ScrollButton Color on the user setting will work with
Wallpaper Sol settingdoen create a file directly, do not ask authors sigo Tsu
I'm not handumyeong ... Do not see your hands Do not have your head

[Installation instructions]
01. KlausBrowser0.44.zip unzip the file (like ALZip or 7zip compression programs are yiyonghaeju)
02. S9 Browser_total.swf files in System \ Flash UI poldeoan was put in
03. End

[v0.4 fixed point]
01. G-Sensor does not work correctly Fix
02. Jukebox text browsers enabled (seuguteukseongsang himdeum)

[v0.41 fixed point]
01. Music Jukebox in your browser options, entered the dark comes out in ll Fix

[v0.42 fixed point]
01. File Extension active until a specific file, the file name from the fugitive Fix

[v0.43 fixed point]
01. Option from the pivot is pressed, an error saenggideon Fix

[v0.44 fixed point]
01. Revision ㅅ stuff = =

Edit 1 : Version 0.46

[v0.45 fixed point]
01. Bookmark entered Jukebox comes the problem disappears
02. Background On / Off function (add one, and decide later whether to keep)

[v0.46 fixed point]
01. Fix the blue background was set to unconditional (byeongmat kowonreoncheo anyway ...)

Edit 2 : Version 0.47 fixed point
01. Fixes a problem in the background from pivot saenggideon
02. More background does not pop up correctly Fix

Edit 3 : Version 0.50 fixed point
01. Remove background option
02. Add the scroll type functionality
03. Adding font size

Edit 4 : Version 0.51 fixed point
01. File Extension with G-Sensor option to modify the changes after

Edit 5 :Version 0.52
01. Music Favorite, Video Favorite entered in the copy comes out option may not appear correctly Footer

Edit 6 :
Version 0.53
01. Pivot mode, the background problem still seems (I forgot and left part of the background to the pivot mode is canceled I'm sorry I did)

Edit 7 :
Originally Posted by seojuhwan View Post
[v0.60 fixed point]
01. Font size 24, rather than the state got back in the pivot mode, the problem did not modify the Header and erratic spacing
02. Background feature added back (to use this feature, you'll have to put together a compressed Launcher)
- Launcher compressed together by a frame with three kinds of features I've put the split version (Test)
- Background, please put one launcher features, regardless of whether the effect can improve the speed (Fast is one with a faster version)
- Is displayed behind the launcher called lotProblem of use may have got the problem (preferably Normal Launcher is recommended)

[v0.60 NOTICE!]
01. Paper Launcher as a dump by the UCI financial functions do not work in the background
02. To post as a background, such as Aero Ultimate should try to UCI: 3

[v0.61 fixed point]
01. Background, invisible browser, we turned off and Fixes

[v0.62 fixed point]
1. Delete method is changed
- Delete the currently selected file, press the up or down will appear in the Delete Popup

[v0.63 fixed point]
01. Although there are a select Delete Popup Bar tteudeon Fix

Edit 8
: Version 0.65

01. Jukebox and music selection mode (Music Select Mode) to remove the
- Jukebox music selection mode, press and hold button can be enabled or disabled
02. Jukebox and the music selection mode can be stored
- The Cube Browser, like a jukebox and the music selection mode status was later changed to
- However, from the jukebox and the music selection mode is now only applies Music Browser

03. Scroll Speed Slide of features added to the Cube Browser
- Other adjustments to some other guy tried Scroll Speed option is also

Edit 9 : Version 0.67
01. Scroll Speed-in accelerometer ppajingeol modify the settings one (was a mistake)
02. Background features after deleting
- You do not need Launcher
03. Add-ons Browser Color

- By default, Wallpaper, Red, Blue There are 3 different options (color same as Cube Browser)
- Red, Blue Options is missing in Folder Bracket (Bracket Iran, as both sides of the folder [folder name] is so butdeongeol)
04. Font Size 32, 40, the upper margin is the difference between a few points nadeon Revision
05. Music Browser In addition, as in other browsers on the Jukebox, S9-button functionality has been changed to modify the problem

Edit 10 : Version 0.68
01. Browser Color function properly in the colors of the coverage it did SelectBar Fix
02. Option at the top of the "turn off press the Modify Option

Edit 11 : Version 0.69
01. Bookmark, Pivot Mode applied correctly, it did in SelectBar Color Fix

Edit 12 :Version 0.7
01. Fast mode, the acceleration is too fast oscillating up and down the list of modifications tending problem
- The speed limit was willing
02. At the top of Music Select Mode, EQ displays the status (to be added later for the Jukebox feature update: 3)

03. Delete Popup Changing the design of
- Letter to those who do not look too small as an icon has changed
File Extension feature from now on [folder] will only work in

Edit 13 : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (Megaupload), Mediafire link for Version 0.71
01. Browser Color to "Wallpaper" When I left the match is set to Select Bar Color is Black doedeon Fix
- Wallpaper haeteotseupnida user is not a problem
- Report from iAudiophile.net: 3
- Hint: Wallpaper User Settings → Browser → Scroll Button Color = Select Bar Color

Edit 14
: Version 0.72

01. Browser Color and "Blue" When I left the match was set to the Red Select Bar Color Fix
02. Pivot Mode displays a list of doedeon gaero increasing the number of 4-5
03. Pivot Mode was not working properly in the Scrollbar Fix
04. Modify Delete Popup tteudorok in Pivot Mode 2
05. Favorite status when the browser shuts down, File Extension Fix function saenggideon
06. The Delete button [folder] is activated in addition to modifying the problem
- Option window with kkeojilttae [folder] fix a problem than elsewhere, has enabled doedeon

Edit 15 : Version 0.73

01. Volume Bar Add (display only)
02. Pivot 270 degrees from Selectbar Fix
03. Touch the area outside the Scrollbar to move to even modify the scroll
- Scrollbar In addition, the layers are locked at the top than Jukebox
04. Significantly modify the size of all Popup
- Delete Popup Except million (will be modified later)
05. File Extension feature applies to Favorite

Edit 16 : Version 0.80

01. Delete Popup design modifications
02. Volumebar design modifications
03. Infobar from left to right alignment shows the time modified
- Displays the time that AM / PM display with the overlap in 12 has changed
04. Jukebox the ttuiulttae, been trying to get album art and slows down doedeon Fix
05. Jukebox Play your music on your time display
- Sarah will be displayed for a few seconds (to be displayed when the browser will slow down the normalization of gray doepnidaman)
- In addition to the Play / REW / FF will work even when your time is
06. Bookmark Fix scrolling when saenggideon
- Bookmark optimize the speed was slightly
07. Music Bookmark button in the Add Files & You can add bookmarks to time modify the
- Music Bookmark the Jukebox is available at
08. Hold the screen kkeojyeoteulttae state, we turned back to the screen without losing the remaining Hold Icon Fix

Edit 17 : Version 0.82

01. Preview Add-ons
- General Browser + pivot will only work with the state
- Touch a picture preview go to the Picture Viewer

02. Add Pivot mode Jukebox
- When you touch the album art to go to Music UCI
03. Modify the properties for the scroll speed
- Before you use them the way and now we could see the speed limit
- Telegram is probably better off ...
04. Time bar is displayed and when, once more pressing time to modify the bar disappear


Edit 18 : Version 0.84
01. Preview Jukebox AlbumArt and the Fade In / Out put the effects Boxing
- Dnw to see the script was Dark Evolution
02. Preview and make some modifications to the design of the Jukebox
03. Revision to appear in Pivot Mode Timebar
Turn on Browser Back button did not work as soon as Fix

(Note - I used the font 'Malgun Gothic + ITC Avant Garde Gothic LT + Meiryo Bold' is)
Link to font

Version 0.85
01. Scroll speed improvements
- Slow, Normal, Slide puleoteum only speed limit
- Fast racing so fast that the problem in the list of solutions to the speed limit saenggaknalttae

Edit 19 : Version 0.87

01. The first part of the browser button issues silhaengdoelttae points saenggideon Revision
02. Speed up (slightly)

Edit 20 : Version 0.89

01. More complete kinetic scrolling (Kinetic Scroll) implementation
- When scrolling stops, splashing up and down the line would not compensate
- "LoadLine" a little more down to finish in the top position and was created
- IAudiophile.net is a request to Lukekeeeee
02. When you select a file, sometimes the problem fixed at the bottom, select the file
- IAudiophile.net is a request to Ghisy
03. Bookmark the Preview button to modify the remaining issues
04. Landscape mode (Horizontal Mode) and a slight modification in the scrolling speed
- Has created more quickly slip

Edit 21
: Version 1.0 Final (only in Lite version for the moment, no horizontal mode to improve speed)
Version 1.0 Lite

Edit 22 :
Klaus Browser 1.1 in full version is available.
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Edit 23 :
Version 1.11 Full Version

* In other browsers deuleowateulttae UCI, Volume Limit Fix did not work properly
- When entering in your browser, volume control force is limited
* Parent / child folder, go to animation when the button is pressed, Jukebox is jammed Fix
- Do not press the button animation has some Jukebox

Edit 23 :
Version 1.12 Full available

Delete button deletes all lists when you press and hold the key did not work Fix
* The first page in landscape mode option was not updated correctly Fix
* Select bar pop up occasionally, even though not one-touch selection doedeon Fix

"Launcher.swf presume you have a problem Please delete the file please"

Edit 24 :
Klaus Browser v1.20

1. The whole pop-up design changes
- Dark for a black suit with all the pop-up change

2. Floating pop-up changing the way
- Pop-up once more afloat during tteudeon fix it, when saenggideon
- Pop-up more long-modifying tteudorok
- New floating pop-up pop-eyed at the earlier time are modified to

3. Fixes a problem in landscape mode saenggideon
- Landscape mode in your browser when you enter the edit did not work puteoga
- Landscape mode did pop up on the jukebox pop-up Fix

4. Jukebox-related modifications
- Siganba design modifications
- Jukebox Options pop-up gestures improved sensitivity
- The time when a floating bar, a jukebox option, a pop-up popped Did Fix

5. VTX design of the screen to portrait mode to adapt dnw
- You are not changes in landscape mode yet

6. Scroll Speed option for two additional
- When you scroll the browser type and similar to a cube Cube Slow Cube Fast and add
- The two options has finished scrolling, but it still slip

7. Scroll bar is pressed, one of the two pop-aggregation tteudeon

8. One Touch too fast in the transition state selection rule appears to bar the flickering problem fixed

9. Scrolling during a parent / child yidonghalttae folder, modify the line to be calibrated

Edit 25 :

Originally Posted by seojuhwan View Post
There is an update!!!

[v1.30 Changes]

1. Faster speed in bookmark browser
2. Added EQ Settings
- Using EQ slows down S9's overall performance.
- So, if you complain that the performance is worse while using EQ... aoh
3. Changes related to Jukebox
- Jukebox's option pop-up's touch sensitivity changes (a little more sensitive)
4. Sometimes, it would scroll and stop... kinda fixed it...
-but still it happens from time to time
5. Other little changes

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmnfyi...er1.30full.zip
Edit 26 :
Originally Posted by tirim4 View Post
Ver 1.31:

1. Add Lite version
- Added Lite version as people seems to want it.
- Bookmarks, Landscape mode and EQ settings are not included in light version

2. Acceleration Fix
- Accidentally left out one says during the acceleration settings;; so scrolling is stopped in the middle of one of complete resolution

Lite download

Full download

EDIT: Scrolling seems more responsive again if you ask me.
Edit 27 :
[v1.32 Full & Lite Versions]

1. Setting the Reverb Eq Settings does not display correctly Fix [Full]
- This section is still set Eq wealth created by the unknown because the appearance is still a problem associated with Reverb is fscommand must be a side issue, you can use GetJetUserReverb Reverb settings could not properly're going to call (I know another one hours munjenjul pudaga sapjilman just discovered, so one effect rmfkehwprhk Hi jet production manager was using the GetEtcSettingString fix the problem but to fix this part of kowone was asked to contact the haeyahaldeut That's - ㅂ --

2. Scrolling-related problem fixed [Full, Lite]
- The best of the early running in the browser when a long list, scroll down to stop the acceleration is not applied correctly Fix

3. Other minor problem fixed
- Top the list when you press and hold the Back button, pop-ups do not modify [Full, Lite]
- Delete Popup problems associated with some modifications (eg - Cancel think they do not disappear when you click) [Full, Lite]
- Eq Settings Band bar in too little sensitivity to the sensitivity natchwoteum [Full]

[v1.33 Full, Lite Changelog & Download]
1. This list does not stop scrolling at the bottom to continue (doedeon) Fix [Full, Lite]

Edit 28 : 05/18/10
Version 1.52 Lite out
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Haha I've been getting all my Christmas presents from this site! Thanks
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This is FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks Kroma for posting!

edit: and as always, Thanks Santa Klaus
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BTW to get rid of the [brackets] use the .sol file from Cube 1.35
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Nice, thanks a lot. It looks really good.
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WOW I really liked Cube 1.35 (still using it) so I expect a lot from the new version too!
Thanks for this amazing browser.

Btw by when will a full-featured version be released?
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For Klaus or anyone else curious about this fantastic new browser, a list of stuff left to take this out of beta.

1. Select bar color
2. "Slide" scrolling (In Cube browser it's "Scroll Type", not "S. Scroll")
3. Font size
4. Hardware button options

O please please please please~
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Thanks from:
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Great improvement !

-Move Jukebox-Option into the Option-Window (it's rather an Album-Art-Preview...)

Question: Is KromaXamorK = Klaus or is he merely the guy posting his stuff ?
For anyone hesitating to use this: It's awesome ! ^^
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Kroma is only the person who posts the stuff.

btw: Kroma is female.
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Oh god the scrolling is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo smooth
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This is fresh ._.
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This is awesome, I love how it matches with AUG2 and DE. Thanks!
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Ya'll can call me da1 if ya like ;)!
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Is... is that a landscape/horizontal view?
I'm so happy !
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Only for video and text browser at this time.
I don't know if Klaus will make it for music.
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Thanks from:
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Huh...I didnt know 2012 was out on dvd yet...
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