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Default Repair costs for D2 -- French sticker? = DAB

So my D2 4gb recently hit the pavement. Everything still works, but the touch screen. I can play music if i use the buttons and it connects to my computer. LCD is cracked on the bottom.

I'm debating if i should just buy a new one altogether or just repair it. I'm afraid that there might be other problems in the future and i might be paying more to get it repaired then spending the money on a new one.

Anyone know any other costs?

LCD = $67USD

Anyone know if there is a sticker thats written in french means its from europe?

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too bad on ur d2...i think i would buy a new one insted repairing it..
im no expert or anything but i dont see how it can be fixed to a point it wont have any problem...

u can even buy a used one for very cheap...
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If you're feeling handy I think you can order parts for the d2 from some online stores. I know that the support in Sweden (http://www.abtech.se/) has some parts for sale.
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I would just buy a new one.I don't think its worth repairing since you could end up paying more than it actually costs, if it has a problem again.And about the sticker....if you're talking about a sticker on the back of the player that is in French, then no.That doesn't mean its the DAB version.Mine has the same sticker and it isn't the DAB version.
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I would also suggest the used route - I just sold my 8GB on eBay and the prices have come down quite a bit (bad for me, good for the buyer). I'm not sure why that is, but do a search and you should see the same thing.
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