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Default Wallpaper covers screen preventing seeing Manu

Hello guys. It was a long time I didn't visit the forum. Still I have trouble with my D2. I've made a wallpaper from a picture on the screen. It prevents seeing the Main Menu and so using the player. Any advise on deleting the wallpaper will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Hello Petuh21,

do you mean, that the wallpaper covers the text under the menu icons, or do you also not see the icons in the main menu? Can't you delete the picture, like connecting the D2 to a computer and navigate to the file that is the wallpaper and delete it? Or have you tried selecting the "Pictures" menu on your D2 (of course only if you see this icon), selecting a picture, press "Photo View" and set it as a wallpaper, so there is a different wallpaper, where your problem doesn't occur.

I hope you can solve your problem.

Greetings, c_k
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