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Default MTPFS = THE (LINUX) Answer To (Better) Playlists? Play Along And Help Find Out!! :)

Well while I was running around on this fresh install of Ubuntu Hardy Heron and seeing that the D2 is recognized in all it's glory I figured I would Google MTP and Linux and lo n behold my first hint


Going from there to anythingbutiPod brings you to the goodie site that holds promise


Being on Ubuntu I just used Synaptic Package Manager to download it and also made sure these other packages was installed (not 100% sure if the sudo apt-get install mtpfs command would do all of this for you)

libc6 (>= 2.7-1)
libfuse2 (>=2.6)
libglib2.0-0 (>=2.15.3)
libid3tag0 (>-0.15.1b)
libmad0 (>=0.15.1b)

Running in Ubuntu (I'm not sure if this'll work in other Distros but it's worth a look plus i '--(THINK)--' Debian was mentioned or something) I ran these commands:

"sudo /usr/bin/mtpfs /media/16_GIGZ -o nonempty"
"sudo /usr/bin/mtpfs /media/16_GIGGERZ"
specify an -o nonempty param since you're trying to MTP mount a non empty spot... also 16_GIGZ is the windows label of my 16gig card drive in D2... for the D2 memory itself it would be

"sudo /usr/bin/mtpfs /media/D2 -o nonempty"
"sudo /usr/bin/mtpfs /media/D2"

As for the result... nothing perfect of the sort. Based on the reading of a couple of articles I'm supposed to get a virtual 'playlist' folder in the player's root directory which displays the playlists as .m3u files... and while I'm getting the playlist directory, it's just either in the internal OR external readings with no playlist in sight (and I do have one working playlist in D2 located on external memory which I ensured still works & plays on the D2 itself)

Also I can't get both the internal OR external memory to show up using the mtpfs mount commands, just either the D2 memory OR my external memory thus far, like just now I was able to have the external 16gig memory mountable but when trying to run

sudo /usr/bin/mtpfs /media/D2

I get a 'permission denied' error or 'fuse: bad mount point `/media/D2': Transport endpoint is not connected' error.

Also for reference is something like this page: http://de.pastebin.ca/933182 which gives abunch of other useful commands for this.

So while I'm guessing this works for other mtp based players I'm still not sure how to get this to work

So if you have a Linux system layin around feel free to join in on the fun!! (Especially since I'm somewhat of a Linux n00b and an experienced user may be much more capable of geting this to work )

(Note: playing with at least the mtpfs command made my drives in /media disappear for abit, once even having me do a panic reboot until I realized that my stuff won't be in danger of being deleted, just 'disappearing' for abit & rebooting to ensure drives are recognized/mounted again in /media/ ...especially if you do the mtpfs commands on the /media/ directory itself )
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