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Default DAB or not?

I was searching the forums, but couldn't find anything to discern whether or not my D2 is DAB D2 or just a normal D2. I haven't received my D2 yet...it's supposed to come in the mail today. All in all, should it say on the package? or does the U.S. specifically have a certain D2 model? thanks!
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US = No DAB.

That service is not available in the US, so even if you bought a player from say, Korea, it would not work.
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Old 07-13-2008, 09:27   #3
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In the UK, due to commercial considerations, bandwidth was narrowed to get in more stations. Result is that DAB sound quality is worse than that of VHF FM.
Also DAB version of the D2 cost about 40 Pounds more.
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^ Mine was 15 more from Amazon.
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