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Smile EQ settings

Hello people, I just bought a D2 and I really like it, could someone please help me get the best sound quality out if it, I basically need to know what are the best Jet effects EQ settings while using px100's with the D2 ?, I am also going to get a new pair of iem's any suggestions would be great.
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The best JetEffects and EQ settings are the ones you like most. Period.

Every ear is different.

I am sorry, I do not want to be harsh, but it is that simple.
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The settings you prefer will depend on your taste in music, taste in sound (some prefer lots of bass, some more neutral settings, some brighter, etc...), and also what volume you tend to listen at. I do listen with Px100s though, so perhaps you might like settings close to what I have. Keep in mind that I'm continuously tweaking, so these are just the settings I have for now:

The settings on my equalizer bands are 5, 3, 0, 6, 5. If I were to use a preset I'd probably use the Rock preset, but I prefer a somewhat more neutral sound than that, and more subdued highs because the preset sounds a bit hissy and tinny up there to me.

I have BBE set to 1. This seems to add a bit of brightness and brings the sounds forward a good bit, but any more than that and the sound just seems to shrink.

I have MachBass set to 5. This one I play with the most. It's kind of like your subwoofer. Sometimes I like things to sound really bassy, sometimes not as much. It's easier to play with than going back into the equalizer, and seems to do a good job.

The rest of the settings are at 0. They seem to distort more than enhance.

Important to note is the volume you tend to listen at. I'm usually between 25-30. If I were to listen at a lower level, I'd probably prefer to up the bass and treble more. At higher settings, I'd probably go more neutral.

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