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Default Files and Folders became all blank.

Iam using Cowon D2 (not +) for about 4 years now, and first time I've encountered a problem like this.
Used it on 3.57 fw all the way, and when I traveled this summer occasionally D2 lagged, and rebooted himself and all folders and files became blank T_T
All mp3 tags are now marked as "Unknown", and I dunno how to deal with that...
Tried flashing memory, even upgraded fw to 3.59 - still the same.
Any clues how to fix that?

I've managed to solve the problem (at least I think so) by formatting D2 with panasonic SD card formatter and then reinstalling 3.59 fw.
Havent ride a big session with D2 yet tho, but I hope this problem wont occur anymore.

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Old 05-08-2012, 08:35   #2
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The same problem here: i cannot read the contents of many maps. Almost all is white. In some maps there is still some readable information, but when I change the map, I see the contents of the previous map.
I have re-installed the firmware (3.59) and it did work correct for a week or so. Yesterday the same again.

Therefore: did your solution work?
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