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Help J3 is NOT loading 2.29 Firmware ?

New here and new to Cowon, with the J3 I was able to transfer music.
When it came to installing the firmware __ I use a Mac, it was impossible.
Tried using old pc but still no luck. The `copy & paste' simply did/does not work. After reading many posts here it is obvious most of you know more about everything Cowon. Perhaps you would be generous and help using words/terms older men can understand, how the bloody hell do I get it to install?

Yes, I know about the newest Z2 and have been phoning contacts from West to East for a heads-up when it will arrive and may I please pre-order.
No luck yet. As I type this listening to FM on my J3 with a Pico Slim amp,
with Senn IE 80 earbuds. In heaven, but it can usually be better, right?
That is the way these companies keep us coming back for more products.

Any kind instructions will be most appreciated. Remember you too will be very old someday too. Just trying to keep up.

Danke !

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thats very strange indeed, could you explain in as much detail as possible what happens when you attempt to copy and paste the files?

with the headphones, ive been through the mill with trying different headphones, starting with a $60 set. each time i upgrade there is an obvious improvement, im now at the $250 cover the ear type and still not totally happy as i now feel i need an amplifier just to power them properly, its a vicious circle that will indeed suck every last ounce of cash from you if you take lots of small steps.

my advice in that respect is the advice i have recieved from many others, to take the j3 to a reputable hi-fi store (or 3) and ask them for some suggestions and to test various headphones. even if you go for larger phones that need a small portable amplifier it will save you money in the long run to make a good choice early on.
also dont buy on the day, test whats offered, go back home and research the suggestions, get some alternatives and re-think it all based on what you experienced, head-fi is a great site for getting alternative options as they are very in depth and supply graphs etc.

i wish i'd had the money to do just that while back in wales (before my s9 got stolen).
i moved abroad, bought a j3, and there are no decent hi-fi stores here to help test headphones.
at least none that are any better than my old local stores (richer sounds i miss you) and dont need an apointment and a customer in a porsche (ive searched and searched) so that was not an option for me.
but i believe it's the wisest path forward if your looking to upgrade.

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Old 05-01-2012, 08:26   #3
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Default Even with help, no luck

Downloaded the 2.29 firmware into Mac, then tried same thing in old pc.
IT WOULD NOT copy & paste. But I could not find where to place it anyway.
Only had my J3 a few days. The first screen on the J3 shows 2.23 firmware.
Using Windows XP SP3, I cannot figure out this crazy update.

As far as earbuds/phones. Long ago,I purchased Koss headphones, they weighted about 270 lbs. And my ears literally sweated. When shopping for earbuds, using mostly Amazon, I read and tried dozens of them. Then read on Head-Fi about the Senn IE 8's. Which had been updated to the IE 80's.

EVERYBODY WAS SOLD OUT! Found a company called `Razordogdeals'
and knew my money was gone., yet phoned the owner and asked questions, traced his home address and he had great reviews, made the purchase and arrived next day. NEVER looked back, turned to settings to full Bass and let them `cook' for well over 100 hours different music at different volume settings. Now over 400 hours and they, to my old ears Heaven even as I type this. A radio station playing classical music over 80 miles away. Transferred 1,800 mp's at 320 kbps rating and again I am in heaven.

Wrote the people in Korea, where the Marines fought their azzes off 1950-1953 and never were thanked. They never replied to my questions.

So it has been a trial and error update thing., but no luck as yet.


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Old 05-01-2012, 19:52   #4
Haters gonna hate,...
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You used a MAC, Cowon's have problems when using a MAC.
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Old 05-01-2012, 23:49   #5
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but supposidly only when syncronising or draging and dropping.

i'm not on .29 atm and i have macs in the house so i'll give it a shot tomorrow, no idea why it would not work under xp unless the device was full or write protected somehow.

perhaps try re-downloading and then extracting the files directly into the root folder
(root folder being simply inside the drive eg. J:
not in any folder as such eg. j:\system or j:\flash)

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Old 05-05-2012, 02:41   #6
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Switch the connecting mode settings at your J3 to USB-mode or MTP and try it again?

Everything could solve the problem...
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Old 05-22-2012, 17:35   #7
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I know what your problem is (had it too, on the i9 and the J3). Sometimes when you unplug a Cowon from a MAC (and only on a MAC) the player doesn't "see" the files and folders anymore, even though you're seeing them in the folders on the PC, when you replug it. So the files are still there, filling up the space, but the player isn't able to see the folders anymore.
Just make sure you eject the player before you unplug it! That's actually a pretty common error and maybe you did it too.
The only solution you can make is to format the player and then refilling it again. But the player should be fine.
And for the firmware update, make sure you make it exactly as they are recommending in the manual.
Hope this could help and that you're still monitoring this thread.
And for the record, if you're able to use a PC then only use your J3 on it and not on a MAC. You're saving a lot of time and, more importantly, a lot of nerves

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Old 06-26-2012, 23:14   #8
Derek T
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Default Re-Format

reformat the J3 into fat32 format using disc-utility.app it's what mine needed, it works perfectly now.
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