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well i'm sorry you went to so much effort for nothing, i guess they removed the thread to stop the spread of that terrible missinformation and prevent them looking foolish, as i'm pretty sure i posted the appology and my opinion of it on the thread.
i answered the question posted above my post, hopefully ending it there, in one post (note: lets leave it there ), relax and lets try not to derail this any further or is that your intention?

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hm...that was something... anyway, if i were you, i would have gone to head-fi. (a lot way more proffessional, and with more kind people, just don's start a thread, with nothing else, but a question, or a mod for something, or else, there will be some arguing, done by fanboys of brands, for example, i, myself, show a great support for brands like sennheiser, cowon, sony, but also, i show a great hate vor brands like akg, apple, etc). (sorry, admins, if i am supposed to not be able to reffer to a web page, or go a little offthread)

even though, angry fanboys, andthings like such do exist everywhere... again, i i am the first to have gone offthread, and yes, i have had a little curiosity, and i am sorry, if this is wrong, but the main question was answered, and, we are all humans, socialized, even ...
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I suppose this is the thread: http://anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65842

By the way, there's no need to get angry, the question was already answered and Enzyme just replied to lupu's question. Moreover, it's not his fault that you spent much time into looking for the thread he was talking about (which is supposedly another reason for your anger).

I'll close this thread now to prevent further offtopic.
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