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Default Blowing the dust off a broken O2 (and possibly fixing it)

So I haven't had much reason to post anything here for quite some time cuz i've had a beautiful Cowon J3 for the past 8 months or so, but long before that i had a cowon o2 which unfortunately became decrepit after a short drop and a sudden stop, of the LCD screen that is... the touch abilities, audio, and everything else are still 100 percent in working order which made me determined to find a replacement LCD for it because i knew asking cowon to fix it would cost way more than i was willing to pay. I referred to andrewthecoder's nice hardware dismantling of the cowon o2 and found the model number for the Samsung LCD display (LMS430HF02). I googled it for starters and found nothing and even through more in depth research still couldn't find this specific internal LCD display. I figured that since this was most likely a proprietary display, that i would have no such luck in finding one on ebay or around the internet.

Fast forward to well over 2 years later i randomly had a flashback after doing some dealextreme.com browsing and coming across a few miscellaneous LCD displays one being by samsung that looked similar to what i needed, but wasn't (same size, much higher resolution, probably not the same connecting pins and such) This caused a surge of ambition, and voila, a google search later, i find this badboy for quite cheap and brand spanking new!

Now what gives me hope in this is the fact that i have successfully repaired an LCD display before, not near as advanced, but similar in structure, the screen on my Rio Karma after that took a tumble. This makes me think that if the innards of the O2 connect the LCD in a similar fashion, that maybe i could pull this off then have a working device as opposed to a vegetable of a device. I'm hoping maybe one of the few who have disassembled their O2s can help me out a bit, i may disassemble my own in coming weeks to examine it myself if I don't get the answer i need.

All i really need to know is whether or not the screen plugs into the circuit board similar to my old Karma and various other players, or is it adhered in some irreversable way. I am aware i will have to finess the touch panel very carefully to the new panel and am planning on doing this. Thanks in advance.
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