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Cowon D2, still the audio KING
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Default D2 with 64GB Trancend SDXC card works!

I took my old D2, replaced the dead battery with a new one from eBay for about $13.00, got a new silicone case for it for about $2.00, and then went for a Trancend 64GB SDXC card from Amazon.

When I got the card, it came formatted in the 'exFAT' format, which doesn't work on the D2.

I have a card reader on my computer, and putting the card in, I tried to reformat it in Windows 7. It allows me to format in 'exFAT' or 'NTFS' both of which don't work on the D2.

So doing a web search led me to this free Windows utility that lets you format the card in 'fat32' format, which then makes the card work on the D2.

Note that you cannot leave the card in your D2 when working with your computer to format/transfer/delete. You need a USB card reader, or a card reader that's in your computer. So to format the card, or to transfer or delete files to it, you need to take the card out of your D2 and plug it into a card reader if you have Windows 7. Using that utility above to format the card to 'fat32' you can then drag-and-drop music or videos to the card.

It will work on the D2. This also applies to the Cowon O2, as I have that player, and use my 64GB card between both of them.

If you get the 128GB SDXC card by Lexar (the only 128GB card I know of right now) this should apply to that card as well, but I'm just guessing.


BTW, using my D2 as a flac player for all my 24-bit high definition files (converted to 16-bit flac for the D2) along with a Headroom Total Bithead amp and various headphones (like the Etymotic ER-4P and Ultrasone Pro 550) for a portable, super high-quality listening session.

The D2 is still, in my opinion, Cowon's best MP3 player ever. Thankfully the batteries are still available online!
Owner of Cowon's i5/U3/D2/O2 players
Using Acer Iconia W500 (with 32GB internal memory, 64GB SDXH & Windows 7 OS) as my main PMP
Using Cowon O2 as an all-day voice recorder
Using Cowon D2 with Headroom Total Bithead ampdac for euphoric audio listening sessions
JetAudio user since v4.0.2
Etymotic ER-4P user since 2003
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That's great news! Thanks for sharing!
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Nice job with the D2. I don't like the Total Bithead amp very much, because it picks up noise from some computers' USB ports, and it's finicky about power supply voltage (they say not to use rechargeable AAA's in it because of the low voltage, which is lame). But if it's working for you that's great.
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It may work, but I put 4800 songs on it and the dumb firmware will only read 4000 of them. Yeah, I figured this out after buying the card at a local retailer and was able to take it back. I'll stick with 32GB cheapo card for now, still have 3000 songs on that.
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