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Default new X7, first cowon,... new problems!

it's just my luck. i shouldn't have gotten a mac. jeeze.. i just took delivery of my X7 today after nearly 3 solid years of sony walkman s. i've been searching and reading about different PHP's for 6 months now cause i knew the end of the walkman s was near and i don't want a ipod. i came across the X7 and was floored by the reviews of battery life, storage, and SQ. i put off the purchase for about 3 months until a few days ago when i was disconnecting the AC adapter and ripped the wires out sans connector to the walkman s. and it happens to be today that i find all the articles and threads saying how cowons' are incompatible with mac's. F*CK! it's not as if the walkman s was perfectly married with my mac, but at least it worked. HOW DID I MISS ALL OF THIS!?!

i garnered that the X7 wasn't a perfect device in the first place concerning the UI and playlist. reading countless success stories with UCI's eased my mind on that front. i don't make playlist so that never bothered me.

so to get to what actually is going on: i unboxed my X7 today and immediately wall plugged it in and began charging. next i plugged in the USB connections into both my mac book pro and X7. "USB CONNECTED" flashed onto the screen as the quick guide explained. "X7 FLASH & HDD" appeared as icons on my screen. i opened finder to my music folder and began drag and dropping the first album. during transferring a warning notice says that the "connection was improperly disconnected" or something. i notice that the USB connection into the X7 is loose. i plug it in again and begin the process again after deleting the partial folder. the same message pops up again. i repeat again but this time i'm holding the X7 with my middle finger on top and with my thumb on the underside of the USB connection to keep it firmly in place. it worked until about the 20th album when the message pops up again. i swear i didn't move my hand. now my computer isn't recognizing the X7 at all.

specifically i want to know has anyone else experienced a loose fitting USB connection on the X7 side? and has anyone successfully paired the X7 with a mac? is it possible?

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While I don't have an X7, the connector on the J3 and the X7 is the same. In the case of the J3, especially with the first few uses, you need to push the USB cable farther in than you think; it should click in after you push really far in, to the point where you think you're putting too much stress on the port of the device. Otherwise, you will think that the connection is loose. Just trust me on this one, you have to push it in farther.

However, at this point you probably need to go through unbricking procedures with your X7. I can't help with that, but there's already stuff on this forum about it. Good luck.
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yeah,... just used a roommates windows laptop were the HDD showed up. then used an external HD to download music from. ejected the X7 HDD and.... nothin. i'll give it another go tomorrow. radio sounds good though!!!
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