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Default [Firmware] Cowon Z2 V1.31


Improve JetEffect 5
Improve sound quality when using an external music player
Lock screen (Screen Lock) added to the music playback controls
"Display Screen Lock 'setting an additional week)
'Display Hold' setting additional Note 2)
'Airplane mode' Add Note 3)
Market for downloading 'lack of capacity "phenomenon does not occur, so that modifications

Music Player

JetEffect User EQ setting screen enhancements - Direct adjustment, dragging the adjustment, step adjustment
File folder to another folder during repeat playback error correction
Folder, reboot while playing the last to remember the playback position applied
LDB display lyrics stabilization

Video player

Subtitles on time even if there are errors in the top section to display the subtitle fixes


Area scan error correction when changing channels

Cowon T Message

Change the order of time alignment
'Already, but sent a message "Error Correction

Comic Viewer

ZIP file, a list of error correction

Add App

Add a file manager (copy, delete, transfer, execution, etc.)

App Update

ucloud, Ole Market

Other bug fixes

Note 1) without locking the screen immediately displays the screen
Set the location and security ▶ ▶ ▶ lock screen lock screen display settings

2) Displaying the screen by pressing the power button once the screen holdeuham
▶ ▶ On-screen display settings hold

3) Disable all wireless connections
▶ ▶ airplane mode wireless and network settings
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