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Default Cowon Australia WHAT IS GOING ON ? ? ?


2 weeks ago I purchased through the Cowon Australia website an iAUDIO 10, I
did not receive a singe email from Cowon, not even a confirmation of order
submission/purchase, however my PayPal account has been charged.
I have been emailing for 2 weeks every email address I can find on the Cowon
Australia website, I have also filled out the contact form but I still have
not had a single message returned from Cown Australia, I have even been
calling the telephone number on the website for purchase, and it's a
switched off mobile phone....

The only sign of the iAUDIO 10 order I made 2 weeks ago is that my PayPal
account has been charged to:
Jonathan Peter Wood

The Cowon website says they only deliver within Australia, and delivery
should be at most 6 days after order....,but it's now 2 weeks and I haven't
even a confirmation of order from them....

Today I have found on another forum another person who has the same problem (he's been waiting 4 weeks), only difference is he payed with credit card not PayPal, his purchase has been charged by the same guy named Jonathan Wood....

Does anyone know what is going on with Cowon Australia?
How do I contact them?
Will my order ever come through?
I think I'll file a claim with PayPal and get my money back....

Any help appreciated....


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go straight ahead and inform paypal, they will offer some recovery options for you and will kind of take over the case.
just supply any email or other evidence you have.
although from my own experiences they are slow to refund after agreeing to do so, so dont expect an overnight return.

also mail the seller again and inform them of your contacting paypal as it looks good (to paypal) to have offered them another opportunity and shows you have tried to keep contact.

you could also inform cowon america or another section of cowon, they will most likely say "it's not our section, please contact "....."
which might just get you a valid contact address to use, if they dont contact them for you.

dont wait for any reason if your worried.
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That wasn't quite clear when I said I might lodge a "claim" with PayPal.
Already last week I lodged a "dispute" with PayPal.
The way PayPal works is you first lodge a "dispute", and they simply notify the seller of what your problem is... After that you can upgrade to a "claim" which is then leaving it the hands of PayPal to decide if you get your money back...
So yeah I already lodged a "dispute" last week, and still no reply from Cowon or the guy who my PayPal is charged to...
After having read today someone else has this problem and your opinion I am definately going to lodge a claim with PayPal now, surely I can get it somewhere else with some decent service...
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OK I have had this sorted this morning, seems some major problems with the Australian website (it's closed now). They seem to be contacting/refunding anyone with issues.
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Haldex are the authorised Australian Distributors, www(dot)HaldexDirect(dot)com(dot)au is the website and they can be contacted on 02 9553 8399 as posted there. Might be worth a try if you're having trouble,

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