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Default 3.5 years later .... Long Live the G3!!

Originally Posted by Dubsmooth View Post
I just bought a 2GB G3 a week ago and I love it for so many reasons. I did a fair bit research before purchasing as this player had all the features I was looking for - auto resume / sleep / bookmark / AA battery etc etc however I was concerned regarding reliability. I don't mind handling it with kid gloves provided the player lasts. For example I have read that the play button is particulary fragile so - apart from using it to actually fire up the player I use the auto play / menu stick / auto off function to play / pause / switch off the player to avoid overusing the button. As I said I don't mind going the extra mile to look after this player as it is perfect. What I would like to know is of any users out there that have had a G3 for over a year and use it daily and have had NO problems with it. Also what firmware is considered the most stable? I have 1.55e and I have read that is good, are there any better?
Well my G3 is still going strong. This is despite the fact that the wife put it through the washing machine about a year ago. It was dead for 3 days and miraculously came back to life. What a great player it has been. It has been used approximately 45mins - 1 hour every day for almost 4 years and has never skipped a beat ... i am writing this requim because I am picking up a new d2+ tommorrow and relegating the G3 to back up status. The only reason is the memory limitation - 2GB. The D2+ will have 8GB + a 32GB SD card.
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Dubsmooth, good to hear that your G3 was going a year and 1/2 ago. Mine is still going after many years. I later bought a refurbished 2GB from cowon, but it died a year ago. My original 1GB is still going and I listen to it every day. I'll be sad when it dies, as it seem that there will never be another player that has AA/AAA battery and bookmarks :-( I think I'll make another post here about my quest.

Anyone else able to report that their G3 is still going? Knackers
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I still use mine 4 days a week or so while working out. I almost bought a backup a couple of years ago from somewhere online but decided not to, but I sort of wish I had. Mine works but the silver bar at the bottom is missing and one corner is missing a piece after I cracked it. If I drop it another time or two it might crack the case enough to where the battery won't make contact, but hopefully that will be a while. I, too, much prefer the AA battery. I've had mine for at least 5 years, which wouldn't be possible if it had a lion battery. I also prefer the simple screen, USB-mass storage, file-based (not metadata-based) selection, and joystick. Maybe those wouldn't be as good with a 32G player full of my music, but I don't want a big device or a battery-draining screen when working out. Eventually I suppose I'll get something new so I can fit more on it and not have to change things out every couple of weeks, but I hate to invest in something that I know will need to be replaced someday solely because the battery is dead and not because the device has failed or broken.
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