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1) Menus are oftentimes not intuitively laid out.
2) Lack of a universal OS platform (a la Apple) which would make things much easier for everybody.
3) Firmware updates are quickly abandoned which means you're stuck with whichever bugs haven't been ironed out.
4) In some cases, proprietary connectors.
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um.....quickly abandoned?

my d2+ got an update after cowon EOL'd the unit....thats YEARS where cowon put out updates for it.

I agree it would be nice if they would fix bugs people here complain about but the fact is, their main market(korea) has to come first for them, external sales are secondary.

I know that sucks, but its just a fact of life when dealing with smaller companies from various parts of the world, they tend to support their own market first and eveything else comes a distant second.

AFIK the connector on the s9/j3/c2/x7 are all standard connectors in korea and are used over there by many device makers such as samsung so yeah, it may not be a world standard, its not proprietary, and its used because they can also use that port for video/audio out.

and I agree it would be nice if they would sort out osx support, make the player auto delete those junk files on restart (check for and delete that is) but, this isnt a cowon only issue, i have had other devices have issues due to those junk files, so its also an apple issue.

apple wont fix it because it dosnt effect any apple approved hardware, and in pmp's the only apple approved devices are ipods.

what may work is to have all cowon devices and firmwares default to mtp mode when used with osx, even if the device is set to msc mode, OR cowon could put out an app for mac users to install that would safely clean those files and eject the player(pain in the ass but....thats apple for you)

My biggist gripe at the moment is lack of support for playlists like M3U or M3U8 or even better Nefertiti playlists(they can store EQ data per track or per album)

other then that tho, i can live with the few quirks my d2+ has, at least its not like the last time i used itunes and kept having it take over media playback from mpc-hc and sharks007 codec pack....(my defaults)

and its not like zune where your FORCED to use the zune software(shitware)

bah, the more i think about dealing with other players like ipods and zunes the more annoyed i get.....
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cons, equalizer, gui, pros

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