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Default Latest D2 Firmware Listed and Explained

Because there are so many different firmware versions available for the different D2 models I've decided to start a thread which will explain what the firmware versions do and provide links to them. So below are download links to the latest firmware available for your D2, also included is a description of what each firmware does so that you can determine which firmware is applicable to you particular model. If you have any further questions about a particular firmware make sure to follow the discussion thread links at the end of each description.

Firmware Comparison Table:

Model Firmware Discussion MTP Support Audible Dictionary Flash Skins
D2 (Standard) 2.59 Here Yes Yes No No
3.59 Here No No Yes Yes
D2 DMB 1.59 Here No No Yes Yes
D2 DAB 4.59 Here Yes Yes No No
D2 TV 5.57 Yes Yes No No
D2+ (Standard) 2.13 Here Yes Yes No No
3.13 Here No No Yes Yes
D2+ DMB 1.11 Here No No Yes Yes
D2+ DAB 4.13 Here Yes Yes No No

* release dates in the form of DD/MM/YY

Standard D2: You can safely install either of these firmware on a D2 that would regularly use 2.XX or 3.XX

2.59 is the international firmware (America / Europe etc...) for the D2. This release supports Audible content and the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) for playlists and music on the go services (DRM'd tracks) as well as the regular MSC protocol. 2.59 Discussion

3.59 is the Korean firmware for the D2. It contains most of the same languages (Hebrew is not supported) and base features as 2.XX but also adds a Korean - English / English - English dictionary* (the actual files for it must be installed separately and can be downloaded here), as well as the ability to use Flash skins. This firmware does not support
MTP, as such .PLA playlists and audible content are not supported. 3.59 Discussion

DMB/DAB/D2TV Models: You can swap the DAB and DMB firmware, but the D2TV firmware only works on its relative D2

1.59 is for the DMB D2. The DMB technology is used only in Korea - installing this FW on a non DMB D2 may damage your D2 (this warning excludes the DAB D2, which is the same as the DMB Model). This firmware is basically the same as the 3.XX firmware (above), but with the added DMB functionality. 1.59 Discussion

4.59 is for the DAB D2, in general this model will only be found in the UK. Same features as the 2.XX FW (above) except for the Added DAB radio. Installing this FW on a non DAB D2 may damage your D2 (this warning excludes the DMB D2, which is the same as the DAB Model) 4.59 Discussion

5.57 is for the Japanese mobile TV D2. It has the same base features as 2.XX but the D2 itself has additional hardware (1-seg digital TV tuner/recorder) which requires slightly different firmware coding. This firmware only works with the D2TV model

*Note on the Dictionary: There are 2 versions, "Full" and "Lite". The "Full" version includes the dictionary text files and audible English pronunciations for Korean speakers whereas the "Lite" version contains the dictionary text files only.
Features contained in each FW definition are based on the latest released Firmware.

How To Install Any Firmware: Back up your media data - it may be erased.

(New) D2+ Firmware installation:
1. Download your D2+ firmware from the CowonGlobal or CowonKorea site.
2. Unzip the firmware to get 3 files (D2N_P.bin, D2N _P_RS.bin, and D2N_P_FT.bin)
3. Move the resulting files to the root (Main folder, contains music folder etc) of your D2+
4. After that unplug the D2 and restart it. You're done.

(Old) D2 Firmware installation:

1. After downloading your new firmware unzip it to reveal 3 folders labelled 0,1 and 2.
2. Drag the Contents of folder 0* to the root* of your D2, then disconnect your D2 from your computer (this should cause your D2 to switch off)
3. Power on the D2, watch the firmware upgrade progress, when it finishes connect your D2 to your computer and drag the contents of folder 1 to the D2 root. Disconnect D2.
4. Again power on the D2, repeat step 3 but this time use the contents of folder 2 instead of folder 1. Disconnect D2
5. Finally power on the D2, watch the upgrade progress, once this has completed you have successfully installed firmware on your D2 - now you must add music, videos..whatever.. to your D2.

* If you are upgrading from X.57/58 you can skip folder 0 altogether, you will not have to back up your settings in this case.

* The root is the main D2 folder where you see the music, video, picture folders etc
Remember firmware 2.xx and 3.xx are interchangeable as are 1.xx and 4.xx, but 5.xx will only work on its relative D2.
Gone! Just like that!

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