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Here's a HELPFUL post for those interested in dual-boot pre-compiled ROCKbox:

Originally Posted by CLM88
Is there anyway you could zip and email that build to me? Or could someone host it? That is exactly what I have wanted, but I lack the knowledge and ability to create it on my own.
I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

You can find what you need here:

1) The dual-boot bootloader (short-ON=ROCKbox, long-ON=Cowon).
2) The H3Mod program to "tweak" the look of the Cowon firmware (part of the dual-boot bootloader in this case).
3) ROCKbox pre-compiled builds (with album art and fixed margins or color fonts).
4) Here's some H3Mod "skins" for the Cowon OFW.
5) Here's some of the best looking WPSes to date.

If the links above ask for a password, use rockbox5 (see this post here). On the rapidshare hosted files, just click "free" at the bottom, and wait the necessary 20-30 seconds, and the file download will begin.

Now that you've got the goods, here's how to get it going:

1) Follow relevant guidance here for H3Mod if you want to change the look of the Cowon firmware using the X5_FW.bin file from rapidshare, then re-save the modded firmware somewhere.
2) Dock your X5, copy the modded X5_FW.bin file to the \FIRMWARE directory of your X5.
3) Disconnect USB, firmware will upgrade (dual-boot bootloader is now installed, and if applicable, modded Cowon firmware is running too.)
4) Re-dock and UnZip your chosen file to your X5 in \.rockbox
5) Short-ON boots rockbox, long-ON boots Cowon.
6) Re-dock again and unzip some cool WPSes to .rockbox\WPS folder. (My current favorite is boeselhack_v1.)

Thanks again to all members who have made this stuff possible, especially Boeselhack for compiling and setting up the hosting of the ROCKbox files and the killer WPSes.

Too bad a certain other mass-poster here is too lame/ignorant to really be helpful. :moonu:

Good luck, folks! :hi:

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