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Default 32gb card a bust?

ok..been a while since my transcend 8gb card was full +the 4gb internal.
So i brought a lexar 32gb 10 speed microsdhc card.
Windows sees it. SD format tools see it and formats it with around 29.x GB.
A program called ckhflsh see its and confirms a healthy card.

So far so good right, but my D2 doesnt see it?
Ive gone through these forums, and tried some of the solutions to no avail.
I put some large video's (greater than 2gb), plugged into my TV, it picked it up and played the vids.

So whats the problem. Are not cards made to the same exacting SD standards, or is the D2 at fault? Or the fact that its a 10 speed card (can it be just too fast), because its not recognised I cant run Rockbox either.

Im running firmware 3.14 (a D2 to D2+ mod).

can anybody shed any light or have a solution thats been solved, that ive missed.

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