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Holy fucking shit!
You fixed my iAudio 7. You've done it. I already had it on ebay.
And now it's fully working again. I really cannot believe it. Thanks so much.

some additional hints:
1. [Note for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users] i have found out that tcctool doesn't work and is unable to find the J3 while accepting to use Tcctool for Unbricking your J3. reboot PC and hit F8 before Vista or Win. 7 boot logo appears. There will be several options. Select [Disable driver signature enforcement] and that should allow you to use Tcctool. You'll have to do this step everytime if you want to use Tcctool though (source)

2. Download the iAudio7 1.17 firmware (e.g. from the German site) - contains I7_FW.BIN and I7_RS.BIN

3. If you're experiencing some font display errors (like white stripes), download the I7_FO.BIN and dump it with the two other files in the root folder. Then start the firmware update.

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