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Originally Posted by skai View Post
roebeet, I don't know if this is the same thing as sleep mode, but I use it all the time on my D3. If you press the (power) hold button twice within 2 secs, the device locks and the screen goes off. The good thing about this is that any music you have playing will still work, and the next, previous, and pause buttons still work. Once you pause a song in this mode you will need to turn the device back on first before being able to use the hard buttons again.
Good tip, thanks!

Originally Posted by adrianv04 View Post
Couple of quick questions for you, Roebeet -

1) Do the Google services that continuously run affect battery life much? I don't really care as I'm always on my computer at work and can plug it in to charge, but it'd just be good to know. I'd be curious to forward my traffic through a proxy to see how much activity the G services produce.

2) Do you think, based on your experience with other Android devices, that applications will have compatibility issues as firmware updates are released? I ask because I had a Facebook app I got the APK for prior to this Market hack that worked, then after a firmware update, it ceased to function.

Again, thanks a lot!!
1) I think they do, and it's why I made this a "minimalist" Gapps version - just the Market and nothing else. Once you start adding things like Gmail and syncing, these things tend to stay in memory.

2) Very possible, and it will likely become a problem as time goes on. This device is 2.1 based - a year ago that was fine, but in the here and now most devices are 2.2 or higher. As devs update apps or create new ones, 2.1 is not going to be an SDK version that they are going to be testing on.
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