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Thanks again, Roebeet - I just got this working and I'm now feeling like I have an Android device

I am LOVING listening to Pandora with a little Cowon audio enhancement!

Actually, for all D3 users that love the lag on the device - I installed winamp from the Market, and it has ZERO lag. It goes through all songs and albums very smoothly and quickly. I actually really recommend that all of you that get the Market hack working download winamp (I haven't tried any others) just because the speed difference really is THAT noticeable.

And since everything on the D3 has the benefit of BBE and all that Cowon has to offer, using winamp right now until they really make the native Music app more efficient is a highly recommended alternative.

So, for what it's worth, it seems like Cowon just needs to optimize their code a bit. I got pretty frustrated when I was showing a friend the D3 and it lagged like no one's business, but seeing its performance with other music apps, it's becoming more and more clear that it's a software optimization issue going on (Cowon, if you do scour these sites, please optimize your code!).

Couple of quick questions for you, Roebeet -

1) Do the Google services that continuously run affect battery life much? I don't really care as I'm always on my computer at work and can plug it in to charge, but it'd just be good to know. I'd be curious to forward my traffic through a proxy to see how much activity the G services produce.

2) Do you think, based on your experience with other Android devices, that applications will have compatibility issues as firmware updates are released? I ask because I had a Facebook app I got the APK for prior to this Market hack that worked, then after a firmware update, it ceased to function.

Again, thanks a lot!!

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