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Originally Posted by adrianv04 View Post
I rebuilt the build.prop file to try and match it up to FW 1.31 that was just released, but I'm having no luck getting it to work. I'm not too familiar with Android, so I'm not sure what else you did that I'm missing to have this work on the 1.31 firmware
There's actually going to be two issues everytime there's a new firmware, with this:

- The build.prop, as I mentioned. What you can do is pull the new build.prop into this hack, and then just add the last lines on my build.prop (at the bottom) to the new build.prop. That part shouldn't be too difficult.

- The framework.jar. This file is a replacement I created and is needed for the Market hack to work. This was built off the 3.29 firmware, so newer firmware might have issues IF that file was touched by Cowon.

My short-term plan is to build out a new version everytime the NA version is updated - I'll need this for myself as well, as I upgrade my own device.
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