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Default Working Market hack (requires adb and root)

Unfortunately, it's not a simple firmware update solution - but it does work. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, as always.

Pre-req: You need adb working (from the SDK). I won't got into that here, suffice it to say that it's required. I've written this with a Linux user in mind, but you'd need to just change "/.adb" to "adb.exe" for Windows. The device also needs to be rooted.

Working Market (3.33 based) File download:
md5sum: b538458a6206b60fe7168291a54eebd5

Working Market (3.31 based) File download:
md5sum: f7cf27c8873bcf9e0b6a6871f2ad1ab3

Working Market (3.29 based) File download:
md5sum: 2cc68085e87e0200af4638c03e1ad779



- Extract the zip to a temp folder. I suggest putting it as a "temp"subfolder under your adb folder. I am writing this with that in mind.
- Open up TWO terminal sessions, pointing to your adb folder (it's just easier that way)
- Root the device with z4root and Superuser, if you haven't already done so.

In terminal one, run this:

./adb shell
chmod 777 /system/build.prop
chmod 777 /system/lib
chmod 777 /system/app
chmod 777 /system/etc/permissions
chmod 777 /system/framework
(this preps the device for the file copies)

In terminal two, run this:

./adb push ./temp/gapps /system
(Where "temp" is your temp folder with the gapps folder being the one from the zip. Windows users need to alter this as needed - no forward slashes or slashdots for you).

- In terminal one, run this:

chmod 644 /system/build.prop
chmod 755 /system/lib
chmod 755 /system/app
chmod 755 /system/etc/permissions
chmod 755 /system/framework
chown root.root /system/framework/framework.jar
chmod 644 /system/framework/framework.jar
(this cleans up most of the file permissions, but not all of them. There's something that I can't clean up but I haven't pinned it down, yet)

- Reboot the device. You might get an "SDK" popup on the first boot. Just click on it and it will go away.

- Run the Market, add your Google ID, and download a free application ASAP. The reason why is because this is running the "non-ugly" Market hack, found over on It requires a free app download / install BEFORE the Market updates itself. If you miss the window and it does update itself, you can delete the update in Settings -- Appliations -- Manage Application -- Market (delete the app) and re-try the Market again.

I know this is messy, but it does work. Tested (and based on) firmware 3.29, btw. After each Cowon firmware update, I'll probably need to update this because the build.prop is actually being changed, too.


If something goes amiss and you can't boot up, just hit the reset button and then hold the play/pause button for about ten seconds - this will run recovery. You'll probably see the "!" and you just need to touch the home key and follow the instructions. I usually use the firmware backup option - that will re-flash your device and your system should be back to stock. In recovery, the home button toggles the text on and off, volume keys are up / down and the play/pause key is "enter".


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