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Joeyg, can you find out the sdcfg value for the Cowon V5 from this info? I finally bricked it for good, nothing to do with it anymore. Your help would be highly appreciated.

Here's basically all the info I collected:

Cowon V5 PCB layout photo:

Cowon V5 1.10_ENG firmware:


Telechips TCC9101 (ARM1176JZF-S - TCC91XX) -

VID 140E / PID B077

"TCC91xx usb-boot mode"=LIBUSB_DEV, USB\VID_140E&PID_B077


Memory: Samsung 007 K4T1G164QE-HCE6 ( GWA028GKN / GWL659JGS ) -

Data sheet:

Device Operation & Timing Diagram:


Memory: 166636 KB RAM in Windows CE Task Manager

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