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I had a look at the code and there's no doubt neonleonb found a bug.
In directory i7remux-0.1, file, line 685 is "char id[4];".
The 4 should be increased to 5. Or if you're a purist, the sprintf
statements operating on it should be changed, but that's more difficult.

After this, run "make" and "su -c 'make install'" again.

If that still doesn't help, you could debug it:
- remove the -O2 in Makefile, line 29 (the line that sets CXXFLAGS)
- run "make clean"
- run "make"
- run "gdb --args i7remux xyz" where xyz are the arguments you normally pass to i7remux
In that environment type "run" and when it crashes "ba".
If you haven't given up yet at that point, try "help".
If you have given up, type "quit".

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