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Originally Posted by thetrooper View Post
Hey all...

cool thread this is!!!

I'm from India and recently got hold of a D2 (dad visited US.. purchased from there) am very happy with it!!

The only options for "Region" under Radio are: China/europe , Japan, Korea and USA..

Is there anyway to fix it so i can receive my local FM radio stations on my D2??

i'm running F/W 3.54 btw..

About this "Region" setting...

I've investigated this in D2 manual and testing in my device, and seems to be just a reference that do not discriminate extremely the kind of signal managed by the player.

Basically the regions are this way:
China/Europe... range from 87.50 to 108.00 mhz step of 0.05
Japan............. range from 76.00 to 108.00 mhz step of 0.10
Korea............. range from 87.50 to 108.00 mHz step of 0.10
USA is the same as Korea.

This means if in your country the lowest FM radio frequency is under 87.50 you will have to use Japan setting. If FM radios have frequencies like xx.x5 (for instance 88.95) you will have to use China/Europe which is the only setting that handle a step of 0.05.

I have tested each one of this setting and all work in my South-American country and I feel that worse signal was Chine/Europe and the best was Korea so its the one I use for my player.

A have a surprise setting to Japan and its wide range because I was able to receive from a TV channel sound which uses a frequency outside 87.50~108.00 which is the standard for FM in my country.

This is to demonstrate that there is no a severe discrimination using this "Region" setting.
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