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Originally Posted by mogbert View Post
One sec, about the USB port...

It isn't the standard mini-B USB plug which most of the devices I have use. As best I can tell, it's called a micro USB, but I'm not sure because it looks a little bigger then the micro USB, and I don't have ANY other devices that use it. So I thought it was proprietary.

The component plug (not the AV plugs) are using the same format as the mini-B USB plug. My Canon A560 uses the mini-B plug (along with about a half dozen other devices all the way back to my defunct Sony PDA).

Not talking about host plugs at all (which would be called an 'A plug').

note: I used the word "plug" in this post to refer to both the male and female part of the connection.

As far as it not being proprietary, I'm referring to not being able to get the cable at retail, at least around here. I worked for three years in a retail computer store and they didn't sell any of the micro USB cables, only mini-B USB cables.
Seems like
  • the composite Svideo port is a mini USB
  • the USB port is a micro USB

Courtesy: Wikipedia

(From L- R) micro USB, mini USB, B-Type plug, A-type receptacle, A-Type plug
To quote a snippet []
Micro-USB is a further connector, that was announced by the USB-IF on January 4, 2007.[8] It is intended to replace the Mini-USB plugs used in many new smartphones and Personal digital assistants. This Micro-USB plug is rated for 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles. It is about half the height of the mini-USB connector, but features a similar width

The carrier led group, OMTP have recently endorsed micro-USB as the standard connector for data and power on mobile devices

So it's Cowon keeping up with the times I guess.
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