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Kizune 07-13-2012 04:48

Cowon X7 vs X9 (specs comparison)

I compared the X7's with the X9's specs list and here are the differences:

Dimensions (W x H x D, in mm): 126.9 x 78.6 x 14.5 vs 114.9 x 72.5 x 12.2 (the picture above shows both players in the right proportion)
Memory Type: HDD (120gb, 160gb) vs Flash memory (8gb, 16gb, 32gb) (X9 can't be damaged as easily as the X7, but has less memory)
microSD Slot: no vs yes
Physical Buttons: power/hold, m, vol+, vol- vs power/hold, ff, rew, play/pause, vol+, vol-
Battery Life: 103h music / 10h video vs 110h music / 13h video
Audio Output (@ 16Ω): 30mW vs 29mW
jetEffect: 3 vs 5 (more Reverb settings)
G-Sensor: no vs yes
Bluetooth: yes vs no

Everything else is the same on both players.

The "Super Player" line-up (which both the X7 and the X9 belong to) is characterized by incredible battery life, so I understand why Cowon kept the screen resolution low. But why the hell did they remove the Bluetooth module? Also, why don't they offer X9s with more internal memory?

To me the X9 looks like a very minor upgrade, to some people it's probably even a downgrade, considering there's no Bluetooth module, the internal storage is lower and the screen is very low-res.

Discussion Thread

dfkt 07-13-2012 16:20


Funny enough, it's actually closer to the O2 from 2008 than to the X7 from 2011 in some aspects... same storage options (internal up to 32GB, SDHC/MicroSDHC slot), same 480x272 / 4.3" screen.

O2 supports more audio/video codecs (ALAC, TTA, MKA, etc), X9 has newer BBE enhancements (but O2 has a 10-band EQ instead of 5). X9 has obviously better battery life. Some other small differences here and there, but not that many as one would think between a player from 2008 and one from 2012. Four years have passed...

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