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Kizune 02-28-2011 17:14

Cowon App Marketplace (D2, D2+, S9, J3,...)

No, this isn't a website created by Cowon - this is a fan-made website for the Cowon D2/D2+, S9 and J3 where users can post their UCIs, wallpapers, games and apps.

Originally, zilimojo requested some kind of Market for S9 apps and UCIs and I started to create some concepts. Mr. Bonheur created some website designs.
But unfortunately, the project died not long after its request.

Now I have revived the project and provide interface, app and game developers a platform where they can present their projects in a clean and professional way.

Cowon App Marketplace

Discussion thread

This thread is for S9, J3 and D2/D2+ users alike, I just had to post the discussion thread somewhere. ;)

The project isn't finished yet. There is still for example a good web space needed (the project is currently on a free web space) and of course many people who post their creations on the App Marketplace.

Ghisy 02-28-2011 18:28

That's a pretty neat idea! ;)

AERO 02-28-2011 20:11


Originally Posted by Ghisy (Post 310587)
That's a pretty neat idea! ;)

I think so^^ What a great decision!~:D

Ookami 02-28-2011 21:34

Bravo Kizune! As always, awesome job!

PrankMan 03-03-2011 19:14

Nice work, Kizune, thx for everything U did, ur my cowon hero!

Zensen 03-04-2011 12:18

I like it and thus far I think you've done a bloody brilliant job with the rest of the stuff you've contributed to the community.

would you be up for a name change on the app type store. Marketplace is so generic and sounds familiar like a few other things. E.G Cowon/app Central. I don't know just an idea. But I look forward to hopefully contributing in the discussion thread down the line.

AERO 03-10-2011 06:36

Sometimes, I can get into there, but almostly not....T.T
I can't know about the problem... In Korea, can't we get into there?

apoja[o 03-11-2011 06:31

Wow, you really have some talent with designing and art. Great stuff

reggub 10-24-2011 02:59

Really Awesome.

Cesky 11-07-2011 12:37

I'm new to the forum and to the cowon in general (an Ipod theft pushed me towards new and better MP3 readers :) )
I do not want to post garbage posts on this 3ad and i've already understood you are quite the hero for your astounishing work so i will stick with my question: following your experience do you believe that similar works will, in given time, come up also for other players like the c2?

Really impressive work, really.

RedlanceEQ 12-08-2011 19:35

New to the forum but great idea! I'm bookmarking this Symbiosis website right away! :D

Jimmy809 01-15-2012 17:31

Is there a helper on how to set it up?

Jimmy809 01-15-2012 17:33

I am having troubles figuring out how i am supposed to enter the player, do i have to reinstall adobe player for it to work? or does it just run in the browser

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