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jorsik 09-06-2008 02:32

LCD screen type
Hi. I dropped my D2 and screen broke. I'm thinking of bying new lcd from China or wherever and replacing it myself, would be much cheaper than sending it in for repairs I don't even know where to (Cowon Europe agreed to repair it for 100 EUR, which is like the cost of a new player, while new lcd costs 2$!!!). D2 has lcd screen type LTV250QV-F0B, but they dont sell that exact type, only F01 or F02. Does anybody know whether these types are also compatible? [confused] Cowon support is useless as always.[no]

Dalmane98 09-06-2008 07:49


Originally Posted by jorsik (Post 196911)
while new lcd costs 2$!!!). D2 has lcd screen type LTV250QV-F0B,

First, who is they, that dont sell the exact type? Got a link to the site?

How much money is "2$!!!)" and in what currency?


but they dont sell that exact type, only F01 or F02. Does anybody know whether these types are also compatible?
If they are that cheap, buy one of each and try them.

Then let us all know...

Insta 09-06-2008 07:54

Hey, can you show the link for it? If it really is $2, then I'll just try it (I know how to install it), and tell you if it works. :jamming:

Edit: hey dude, here's a link to the F0B screen type: http://www.qinyielectronics.com/sdp/...5-1535511.html

jorsik 09-06-2008 09:19

2$ is 2$..US. I got lots of contacts through www.hkinventory.com which is apparently a trading hub for brokers, merchandisers and distributors to trade all kinds of electronic components in China. I got lots of different offers through MSN, from 2$ to 500$ a piece. I don't wanna go on a risk here because even though LCD may be so cheap, shipping is still around 30$. Datasheet on F0B can be found at http://www.neodns.co.kr/specpdf/tft/...V250QV-F0B.pdf I'm gonna PM you a MSN for that 2$ offer Insta.

Alienheart 09-06-2008 09:44

I just typed LTV250QV-F0B in www.hkinventory.com and there seems to be 1 selling in china right now.

Insta 09-06-2008 11:04

Okay, thanks Jorsik. I'm still waiting for a response from my contacts. If they take Paypal, I'll get one, and try it out. :jamming:

darkexorcist 05-06-2009 15:32

I also have a broken D2, but it is not whole lcd it is only the touch glass seen on the lcd. Lcd works fine. I checked for the documentary about LTV250QV-F0B model lcd's but there is no sign that shows it has that touch sensing glass on it.
I also contacted to these sellers in china and they give a price around 30$ but they haven't answered my questions about the touch part of the lcd.
Lcd is useless without that touch glass...

edit: I found some suppliers selling resistive touch panels, There are panels which have 4 wires and 5 wires, I think we can test them if they are compatible with the D2, there is a great possibility because they have exact same technology, input power, wire quantity...

here is the links...

Rockin_Munki 05-06-2009 16:25

This touch glass bit on mine cracked a couple of months ago (had the headphones on the screen side with only sock for protection, fell on it and got a ton of cracks in it [cry]) I sent it to COWON UK who forwarded it to Advanced Mp3 Player and got it repaired and shipped to UK for 50, about half the price of a new 4 GB. I think they will post to the rest of Europe as they use FedEx delivery.

darkexorcist 05-07-2009 15:39

There will be an additional shipping cost because I live in Turkey and because of the differences in currencies it will be much more expensive for me ...
Here I paid about 200$(US) for the 2GB D2. Only 4 moths passed and then it become useless...
I think I'm going to try these 2.5'' touch panels first...

adrianm1188 05-30-2011 22:04

any updates on these replacements?

Oasispsicotic 07-12-2011 00:11




plan_r1n 10-06-2011 23:29

anyone have any experiences from these or another place?


msg10 09-10-2012 11:35


and did something have work?

msg10 09-16-2012 12:03

it is possible to change the touch glass


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