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Conversation Between Kizune and brainshakers
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  1. brainshakers
    02-23-2012 13:48
    now i found the answer, seems that there`s no way...thanx!
  2. Kizune
    02-23-2012 13:16
    You have asked your question in three different threads - check them and you'll see you got an answer.
  3. brainshakers
    02-23-2012 12:42
    hi, i`m new here and i hope you can help me...haven`t see the answer anywhere
    is there a way to export playlists from sense ui to pc??
    i`m using s9 Leaf and Sense.
    big thx, i`m a big fan of your work...
  4. brainshakers
    02-18-2012 19:16
    hey there Kizune!
    first i have to say...i`m very impressed of your work.
    i`m new here and i`m using your sense music ui on S9 32 gb. i made some playlists on the player and all functions are fine. is there a way to copy this playlist to pc to create a real list? where is saved the information and how to read out@pc?
    my second question is... in all my album folders i have cover.jpg but most of them weren`t shown by the player. i try to create different formats but no way...
    and my last question is...
    is there a german-side like this, because my english vocabular is a little bit to small to understand all the informations here!! ;-)
    hope you will find time to answer...
    best wishes and big thx for your work

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