View Full Version : High pitched noise while charging?

11-26-2004, 02:38
Anyone else get this high pitched noise while charging? I find it really annoying cos I normally charge it at night when I go to bed and I hear this high pitched screaching. Sounds a bit like the hard drive spinning. Not very loud but still bloody annoying.

11-26-2004, 03:14
All backlit displays suffer fromt his problem in varing degrees (You should here the one on my Philips Pronto Multi remote!)
If you charge overnight unplug the remote and the noise should stop. Of course a firmware upgrade could stop the backlight being on all the time while charging too, which I think would be better ;0)

11-26-2004, 04:11
So its a problem with the screen. Thanks, I'll try that next time. Still annoying though. My iriver imp400 never did that while charging.

11-26-2004, 06:43
Well a problem with electro luminescant backlights in general more than the screen. Did the Irivers backlight stay lit while charging?

11-26-2004, 06:55
My backlight doesn't stay on while charging. It only stays on if I have it connected to the computer via usb, no noise here.

11-26-2004, 08:42
Why would the backlight stay on while charging? Is there an option to turn it off when it is charging? Booth99 how did you turn off the backlight to your M3?

11-27-2004, 01:23
Well I tried it without the remote plugged in and I could still hear it. Barely noticeable unless you're paying attention (or trying to sleep). When the remotes plugged in the backlight is off but you can still see the charging image on the screen. On my iriver the backlight is off and you can see the charging image on the screen and it doesn't make a noise.